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Team BEMER Wins Race Across America!

TEAM BEMER Wins the 8-Man RAAM Race and sets 2 new world records!!

  • Overall Time Record #1 (5d:3h:43min)
  • Distance Over Average Time Record #2 (3069.8 Miles @ 24.9mph)

Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most respected and longest running ultra-endurance events in the world. RAAM is seen as a pinnacle of athletic achievement not only in cycling circles but the greater sporting community as well.

In 1982, four individuals raced from the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles to the Empire State Building in New York City. Covered by national television, the race captivated the public’s imagination. Relay Teams were introduced in 1992 and quickly became the most popular and fastest growing segment of the race. Team sizes are 2, 4 and 8 persons. Relay Team racing made the event accessible to any fit cyclist.

There is no other race in the world like RAAM. There is no race that combines the distance, terrain and weather; no other event that tests a team’s spirit from beginning to end. The Race inspires everyone who has been a part of it – racer, crew, staff and fans alike. RAAM is the true test of speed, endurance, strength and camaraderie, the ideal combination of work and play.


The Hard Stats

RAAM is a race! But, unlike the three great Europeon Grand Tours (Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana and Giro de Italia), RAAM is not a stage race. RAAM is one continual stage, once the clock starts it does not stop until the finish line. It is the world’s longest time trial…the ultimate race of truth.


3000 miles across the united states


Over 150,000ft. of vertical climbing


The team rides non-stop until the finish.

(click the slider above to view photos of the race finish)



Team BEMER now holds 2 new world records in the RAAM race leaderboards!

Please watch and share the video.

Hear what the team had to say about the power of BEMER and how it helped them have the recovery strength to win the race.


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