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Get started now with your BEMER device.

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Getting started

Watch this Video for QUICK START Guide to using the BEMER® PRO

pre-defined programs

10 intensity levels

Sleep program

2 synchronized ports

BEMER® Pro-Set Quick Start Guide

Watch this Video for QUICK START Guide for brand new users. Just pull the BEMER® out of the box and have your first sessions!

BEMER® B Box Pro Basic Settings

Adjustment of the B Box settings:
volume, brightness and time.

BEMER® Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is the foundation of BEMER® use. The Basic Plan using the B.Body, should generally be carried out 2x daily.

BEMER® Pro Advanced Settings

Guidance on how to use 2 in 1 functionally and the Sleep Program.

B. Body Pro

B. Body Usage and Application.

B. Pad

Introduction to the B. pad Usage and Application.

B. Light

Introduction to the B. Light Usage and Application.

B. Scan

Introduction to the B. Scan Usage and Application.

B. Sit

Introduction to the B. Sit Usage and Application.

Bemer® quick resources

PDF of Journal Tracker to document Process

PDF of Operating Supplement for BEMER® Pro

PDF of Operating Supplement for BEMER® Classic




PDF of YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS IN BEMER®-Fast Start Training

*USER Hotline 310-295-9753

Monday thru Friday 9:30AM – 11:30AM (Pacific Time Zone)

BEMER® Customer Email:

BEMER® Distributors:

*User Hotline for customers and distributors regarding BEMER® guidance on device usage. Not for Customer Service or Prospective Buyers. This Hotline is not designed for individuals to be prescribed a protocol for specific diseases and/or medical conditions. The Hotline is not under any circumstance to be used to facilitate making and closing sales.