BEMER BIG B20 Celebration


Disney Coronado Springs Resort Fri. Oct. 5th – Sat. Oct. 6th, 2018

We’re celebrating 20 years of changing lives, one BEMER at a time… and as an important member of the Bemer family, YOU’RE invited to join us!

Live Carlsbad B20 with Pit Gleim

Join us on Saturday July, 28th for a special talk with Bemer Chairman of the Board Pit Gleim as he discusses the future of Bemer.


Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

1000 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

(407) 939-1000



Event times are approximate

Thursday October 4, 2018  

  • Early registration at “Central Registration” (1 PM – 6 PM)

Friday October 5, 2018  

  • Event Registration at “Central Registration” (7:00 AM – 11:00 AM)
  • General Session “Coronado Ballroom” (9:00 AM)
  • Lunch on own (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM)
  • Event ends (6:00 PM)

Saturday October 6, 2018

  • Event Registration at “Central Registration” (7:00 AM – 11:00 AM)
  • General Session “Coronado Ballroom” (8:30 AM)
  • Lunch provided at “Veracruz Ballroom” (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM)
  • Session ends (3:00 PM)
  • Break on own (3:00 PM – 7:30 PM)
  • Return to Gala dinner and Recognition at “Coronado Ballroom” (7:30 PM – 11:30 PM)


  • Early registration begins on Thursday, Oct 4th at (1:00 PM) at “Central Registration”
  • Standard registration opens 7:00 AM on Friday Oct 4th at “Central Registration”
  • When picking up your name tag you MUST HAVE PHOTO ID


Magical Express & Uber/Lyft

  • Magical Express:  When arriving to the airport, if you are taking Magical Express go to level one.  It is clearly marked at airport
  • Magical Express to handle luggage:  If you are taking the Magical Express and choose to let Disney handle your luggage, it can be up to 5 hours before you get your luggage. IMPORTANT: If Disney handles your luggage they will need to send you special baggage tags ahead of time. Click here for instructions {INSERT LUGGAGE INSTRUCTIONS}
  • Magical Express to NOT handle luggage:  If you choose to NOT have your luggage handled by Disney, you can still take the Magical Express, just get your luggage at baggage claim and head to the Magical Express pick-up and to load on the bus.  You will not need to put the special labels on your luggage.
  • Uber & Lyft:  If you choose to take an Uber or Lyft, go to level 2 and follow signs


  • Shuttles:  A reminder, because you are staying at a Disney property, there are shuttle buses that will take you to the different parks as well as Disney Springs.  The shuttles are easily marked and will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel.
  • Wheelchair rentals:   Any individuals who require a wheelchair are requested to bring them on their own or go through a rental facility which can bring the wheelchair to the hotel. Click here for the list of different rental companies.  {INSERT WHEELCHAIR RENTAL FORM}


  • Friday and Saturday:  Dress attire for general session on Friday and Saturday is business casual. 
  • Saturday Gala Dinner:  Dress attire for Gala dinner is evening attire (men suggested to wear jacket and slacks; women suggested dressy pants/blouse or evening dress)

**MEALS **

  • Friday:  Feel free to make lunch and/or dinner reservations for you and your team on Friday.  The hotel has restaurants, as well as Disney Springs has plenty of restaurants to choose from.
  • Saturday:  Meals (lunch and dinner) will be taken care of by Bemer on Saturday
  • Restaurant Reservations at Disney Coronado:  Call 407-939-1000 for more info. View your options:


Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

1000 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

(407) 939-1000



Bemer20 Celebration


When do I get my tickets I purchased?
Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email.  You will receive your name tag at the event and that is your ticket to get in and out during the event.
Please have your ID ready when picking up your name tag. Please, we ask that you do not pick up anyone’s name tags for them.  All must pick up their own tag.


Where do I register for the Bemer20 Event?


Where do I book my hotel room?
The hotel block has expired.  Please call 407-939-4686 to book a room (if room is not available, the agent can support you in finding nearest hotel that has availability).


Does the hotel provide transportation to and from the hotel?
Disney's Magical Express
Disney's Magical Express picks you up and takes you from Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort hotel, while our luggage service delivers your bags from the plane to your room. Departing is also a breeze with our Resort Airline Check-in Service and return transportation to the Orlando International Airport. Reservations are required. We recommend you make your reservations at least 30 days in advance. Make your reservation today! Go to and go to “plan your visit” and scroll down to transportation


Where do I purchase discounted tickets to the Disney parks?
Go to
and click on the “tickets and more link” and read all the exciting options while staying at the Disney Resort


Will there be transportation provided to and from the resort to the Disney Parks?
Yes, one of the many benefits of staying at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort is the complimentary bus transportation to and from resort and the Disney Parks, as well as Disney Springs. The hotel will be able to easily direct where to pick up the bus and let you know the bus schedule.


Where do I learn more about all the great things to do while staying at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort?
Go to this link and read all that is offered.




The many advantages offered to the Bemer attendees while staying at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort are:

No resort fee

Complimentary Health Club

Disney’s complimentary Magical Express
click on the tab “plan your visit” and scroll down to transportation

Complimentary Magic Bands
click on the “places to stay” and scroll down to Magic Bands 

Extra Magic Hours: Because you will be staying at the Disney Coronado, you will have extra hours at the one of the 4 Disney Parks. go to “plan your visit” tab and scroll down to Park Hours

Complimentary WIFI

Complimentary self-parking

The very special event that people fly in worldwide for is happening during the same time frame as the Bemer20 Celebration. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes place from August 30 to November 12, 2018 and go to the “plan your visit” and scroll down to Seasonal Events to learn more

Wheelchairs / stroller Rental info (CLICK Here)

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

1000 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

(407) 939-1000





For your convenience, we suggest these featured vendors of ECVs and wheelchairs,

as well as other equipment you may find helpful during your stay with us.

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals

1-866-484-4797 / 407-938-0349

ECVs Strollers Wheelchairs

Best Price Mobility


ECVs Strollers Power Chairs Wheelchairs

Apple Scooter


ECVs Strollers Power Chairs Wheelchairs


1-800-726-8284 / 407-459-8272

ECVs Strollers Wheelchairs

CARE Scooter Rentals

1-800-741-2282 / 407-856-2273

ECVs Medical Equipment Wheelchairs

For your convenience, we suggest these featured vendors of strollers,

as well as other offerings you may find helpful during your stay with us.


Orlando Stroller Rentals



Kingdom Strollers


Strollers Cribs

Magic Strollers



Owner’s Locker


Vacation gear storage Golf Club Storage

Pricing & Registration

The cost of your ticket includes admission to the two-day Big B20 Celebration, the Gala Dinner, exciting entertainment, and more.

Reserve your hotel room now and SAVE!

Take advantage of reduced pricing on lodging and Disney park tickets available during and 3 days after the convention. The Coronado Springs Disney Resort is the ideal location for relaxing and enhancing your wellness … so why not extend your stay?

Don’t Miss Out. Register Now!

Only 50 seats left!

We can’t wait for you to join us at the event. Space is limited!

The Big B20 Convention and Celebration will feature the brightest of minds in the field of science and PEMF. You’ll hear from our founders, Peter and Pit Gleim, as well as renowned motivational speakers, inspirational athletes, and surprise guests!

Oct. 5th

PEter Gleim

Creator & Founder of Bemer.

Oct. 5th

Prof. Dr. Rainer Klopp, MD

Founder and Director of the Institute for Microcirculation, discussing the intricate science behind the technology.

Oct. 5th

Pit Gleim

President of the Board of Directors for Bemer Int. AG. Sharing the strategies for the future.

Oct. 5th

Krista Petty Raimer

Krista Petty Raimer is an internationally recognized trainer who develops and delivers programs centered around leadership, personal mastery, individual effectiveness and integral learning. She holds a MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and is a dynamic presence with an intuitive capacity to understand people.

Oct. 6th

Dr. Joshua Berka, NMD

Dr. Joshua Berka is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a Licensed Acupuncturist.

He is triple Board Certified in Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Oct. 6th

Kostya Kimlat

For 20+ years, master magician, Kostya Kimlat has used the centuries-old secrets of magic to shape the perceptions of his audiences. Now, as a motivational speaker, he’s revealing those secrets at conferences, conventions, sales trainings, customer service workshops, and meetings so that business audiences can learn to step into the minds of their customers, clients, and coworkers. To Think Like a Magician™, it’s not about deception—it’s about perception.

Oct. 5 & 6th

Philip Townsend

Philip is well known for his engaging and energetic training style. Since 1992, he has worked to develop leaders in the field of Direct Sales and to help those around him increase their sales using his humor, passion and personal anecdotes to guide and inform. Philip brings to the stage decades of hands on experience gained from working in the field, training and empowering thousands from the leadership stage, and from leading at the Executive level.

Featuring a special event with dr. Berka

One of the highlights this year will be on the medical and scientific side of BEMER.  Dr. Joshua Berka NMD will present the history and evolution of the BEMER product and his experience over the past 12 years of use in clinical practice.

In addition, Dr. Berka has arranged a very special treat for all attendees.  A Medical panel of doctors, with diverse specialties including Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Funuctional Medicine, Family Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Hollistic Dentistry and Vetinary Medicine. All will be interviewed by Dr. Berka. The questions he will be asking have come from years of clinical work, market and field surveillance, as well as inquiries from the users and distributers alike.  This medical panel will be a great opportunity to listen to applications and usages from experts in their fields.

…and there’s more!

The world record holing Bemer RAAM (Race Across America) Team

Meet the cyclists who pushed the limits of physical and mental barriers in a coast-to-coast, 3,000-mile bicycle race. Have you seen the RAAM Highlight Video?

Here’s what you missed from our B20’s Across the Country!

Check out some of the amazing moments our B20 Celebrations already have created this year. We’ve given Bemer Heart Awards to people making an exceptional contribution to the company. We’ve also awarded Bemer Pro & Classic kits to two people at each event – you’ll love seeing their reactions the moment they won! You’ll also view some of the most heartfelt moments we’ve seen on stage.

Bemer Heart Award Winners!

See highlights from our company’s most inspirational leaders. Heart Awards are given to distributors who best exhibit the spirit of the BEMER heart in conducting their business. The award itself is designed by a renowned glass artist and made exclusively for BEMER.


Onstage at the B20 events, people have shared moving stories about how Bemer changed their lives for the better.

Winners of Bemer Pro & Classic Kits

Take a look at our B20 video from St. Petersburg, Columbus, and Denver to see more about how winners’ lives are affected. YOU could be next: When you register for the event, you’re automatically entered in our drawing. We’ll announce two lucky winners at the event!


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